欢迎来到 玫瑰之城

There’s so much to discover in this vibrant city, and it’s one of the best things about studying at the 杰瑟普大学摩特诺玛校区. You’ll quickly find your own places as you explore. 波特兰 is full of life and plenty of opportunities to discover new cultures, 食物, and experiences. Adventure out on a hike or dive into an amazing Pad Thai dish at one of the 500 食物 carts in 波特兰. 任何你感兴趣的东西——自然, 食物, 时尚, 体育, or the arts—it’s all here in the 玫瑰之城.


在波特兰导航非常简单. Gather new friends and explore around town, or download this map and learn the ropes on your own!



Venture into downtown by MAX or take a walk down Hawthorne. Whatever you decide to do, we’ve got your back with this guide so you don’t get lost along the way!


A few blocks from campus, this restaurant serves up a variety of tasty Bahn Mi. Grab a friend, grab a sandwich, and enjoy it with one of their many side snacks and drink options.


距离MU仅几步之遥, this is a favorite among students because of its authentic Mexican dishes and affordable prices. Head over with a group of friends for a quick meal and a family atmosphere.


For a pick-me-up, head over to 里约碗. They serve up delicious and organic açaí bowls, juices, and other Mediterranean specials. With a fun and bright atmosphere, you’ll be recharged in no time!


A 波特兰 and Seattle staple that brings you artisan bread, sandwiches, and soups! 你很幸运, Grand Central Bakeries are located in favorite neighborhoods throughout 波特兰 like Hawthorne and Fremont. 探索和享受糕点!


Home to many iconic 波特兰 landmarks, 比如俄勒冈动物园, 玫瑰花园, 日本花园, 还有15英里的小径, you’ll find no shortage of things to do on your day off in this beautiful park.


Being the largest bookstore in the world is pretty impressive – you’ll have to go check it out for yourself. 即使你不经常阅读, it’s fascinating and is a fun place to explore with friends or to go study and enjoy a cup of coffee in their café.


每个星期六, 波特兰 hosts its iconic Saturday Market, featuring local vendors and many different 食物 carts. Experience the various cultures present within 波特兰, all in one place.


With plenty of venues to choose from, you can catch your favorite artists at the 玫瑰园剧院, 水晶宴会厅, Moda中心等等.

Mt. 他泊山公园

Nestled just a few miles from campus, Mt. Tabor is a great place to go on a short hike, 搭个吊床,放松一下, or just bring a few friends up for a picnic or study session. Be sure to catch a sunset or two while you’re there.


波特兰, 又名斯坦普顿, 是充满乐趣的咖啡, 包括我们当地最喜欢的一个, 风雨无阻, 在南塔博尔社区.

Palio一样的甜点 & 咖啡的房子

Tucked in-between the homes of a quiet neighborhood, 帕利奥提供各种各样的咖啡, 食物, 和甜点, 也是一个安静的学习场所.


Grab your friends and homework for a cozy study session at this quaint cafe in the lower Belmont District of southeast 波特兰. They serve up coffee, tea, and a simple but delicious breakfast and lunch menu.


With multiple locations around 波特兰, you’ll have plenty of options for scenery as you study for your upcoming exams.


离校园不到五英里, this park offers you the opportunity to hike, 自行车, 甚至还会骑马!


这个避难所的面积约为1平方米.5 acres and showcases wetlands as well as deciduous forest, with the opportunity to hike and 自行车.


一个较大的公园, Marquam is 193 acres of undeveloped land and boasts more than five miles of scenic hiking trails.


林顿环线大约5英里.2 miles long and provides a 930-foot elevation gain – perfect if you’re looking for a slight challenge.


Located in the heart of the Laurelhurst neighborhood, Rose Church is home to many of our students and provides a safe and bright atmosphere for worship.


Bridgetown practices the way of Jesus in the urban core of 波特兰 and in homes all over the city throughout the week in communities.


希望之门 is a family of churches just 15 minutes away from campus that exist for Jesus as a movement of grace for revival in the city through the gospel.


Located in the Buckman neighborhood of 波特兰, Hinson emphasizes the preaching of God’s Word, gospel-centered社区, 还有会众的歌唱.


Getting around 波特兰 is simple and fun with plenty of options for public transportation.

  • Max轻轨
  • 波特兰有轨电车
  • 波特兰自行车之旅
  • Tri-Met


Being aware is key to protecting yourself no matter where you are. Keeping friends and loved ones updated with your location is another great way to ensure your safety and provide peace-of-mind to those around you. For more information and general safety tips for living in 波特兰, visit the Police Bureau of 波特兰’s 官方网站.

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